Museum Property-  A recent acquisition of the former Waterfront Electric Railway Museum in Grand Rapids, OH. This property will be the museum's first true home base in our 45 year history. There are three buildings located on the property, a shop, a car barn, and a small brick building used as a gift shop and museum. Our membership is currently working on getting the tracks on property connected to the main line. General upkeep is essential, track reconstruction projects on property are being made, and facilities are receiving upgrades for volunteer and visitor convenience. 

Passenger Coaches-  Passenger coaches 404, 407 and 408 are are receiving various interior and exterior upgrades from volunteers to be able to run the Bluebird once again! They have always been our primary pieces of rolling stock on the Bluebird and when our operations resume in the very near future, we don’t want that to change.

Maumee River Bridge-  Built in 1916, we are currently asking for funds to make repairs to operate passenger trains over our 901 ft long bridge over the scenic Maumee River. The bridge’s structure and support have been inspected and found to be in great condition, but new wooden cross ties are needed to return the bridge back into active service.